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#IGMINISWAP Completed! Spools Mini Quilt

December 9, 2014

I don’t usually do swaps anymore.  It’s not that I don’t like swaps, I do.  It’s just time.  It seems like I am quilting more and more for work these days.  But I really like mini quilts.  And my new office has nothing on the walls except a few post-it notes.  

So, when Sandy over in the UK asked for signups for a mini quilt swap on Instagram I jumped on the chance!  Check out the #IGminiswap on Instagram.  There are SO many cute minis !  

My partner said she liked Bonnie and Camille.  ME TOO!  I’ve been wanting to make one of Camille’s adorable mini quilts so I took this opportunity to make her Spools pattern!  I used up all stash builder scraps.  Most of these are leftovers from my Stash Stack Club bundles from Pink Castle.  I’m happy that these are bundles that I’m actually using.  And this pattern is great for using up the little pieces I have in my scrap boxes!  I tried to stick with Bonnie and Camille style colors too (and some scraps of their fabrics, of course).

It’s all sent away!  I hope my partner likes it!

Anne / Springleaf Studios December 10, 2014

So cute. I love the variegated look of the thread.

Judy January 28, 2015

Brenda, I love your new "do". The tutorial I saw, you still had the long dark hair. Did you ever make the video showing how to join the quilt as you go blocks? I know there is a person called the Gourmet Quilter that shows how to do it with small fabric strips, but I didn't really like that way of doing it. Thanks, Judy P