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Everyday Quilts Gifted!

December 26, 2014

I want to show off a few quilt finishes!  I wanted to make some cute and easy every day quilts for my niece and nephew.  The photos were taken a few months ago when it was much warmer here in the Midwest.

I made both of these quilts using the Accuquilt.  Really, if you haven’t tried the Accuquilt, you really should.  These were really quick and easy to cut and put together!

I used the 6.5″ tumbler die for the quilt for my niece.  The whole top from cutting to completed top took me about 2.5 hours.  I love the way the block looks too.  It gives more interest than squares without a whole lot of extra work.  The Accuquilt  die notches the edges too which makes it easy to line up and sew together.  I had some really great floral backing that I found years ago on sale and a gingham binding.  I just love gingham for a binding!  I had Kathy (my longarm quilter) quilt some daisies on it!  I love the way this turned out!

I used the 4.5″ square die for the quilt for my nephew.  I had gone through the scraps at the shop to look for “boy” scraps.  I love this navy, green and gray palette.  This was perfect for Leaders & Enders!  I got this one done while I was making other projects.  I backed this one in flannel.  I love quilts backed in flannel, they are just so warm!  Kathy also quilted this one for me,  She really does a great job!

These are both away to their new home, making my family warm and happy!

Christine S December 27, 2014

Love them both!

KeyQuilter June 17, 2015

Love this line and wish I could get it for our shop, Key Grocery and Quilts in southern OK. If you have connections, please have a rep call us at 580-223-8821! Thanks in advance!

Cathy Weber January 16, 2016

I love your tumbler quilt…I also see you machine stitched the second quilt binding. Could you tell me what technique you used to do it so beautifully? Did you stitch in the ditch on the front? Gorgeous quilts!