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Greek Crossing – Free Quilt Pattern for Olfa Designer Spotlight Series

December 10, 2014

**  FREE Pattern for this quilt is HERE on the OLFA blog! ** Do you ever have a pattern that just sticks in your head?  Like, “Man, I really like this!  I need to make it!”  That’s what happened to me with this Greek Cross block.  I really like it.  I think it’s simple in design but still interesting.  I just HAD to make something out of it.  And I REALLY wanted to make something with all my Cotton+Steel fabric.  I bought the whole first collection for myself.  I love that it will all match with future collections and that it all worked together.  It’s kind of like an instant stash.   But anyway, I supersized the Greek Cross block to 18″ for this quilt.  I wanted to show off some of the feature prints from Cotton+Steel and this gave me a big place in the center of the block to do just that.  This is a quick quilt to..

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NEW Quilt Pattern – Off the Air!

July 16, 2014

 Remember back in the day when television stations weren’t 24/7?  We used to have a black and white TV with a dial.  I would act as my parent’s “remote” and go turn the dials for them until we found something to watch.  I’m not sure if the fuzzy TV was the inspiration or the final quilt just looks like it to me.  But anyway, that is my two cents about the name Off the Air. I’ve made a few versions of this quilt pattern already.  I had the idea first to use some Architextures charm packs.  I really love the way it turned out!  I started it at the very first Camp Stitchalot a few years ago.  Jeni Baker helped me arrange all the blocks at like 2 a.m.  We may have also eaten a whole ton of Chicago Mixpopcorn that night. My long arm quilter Kathy Koch created this awesome topographic quilting pattern to match the fabric!  I love..

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Announcing the 12th St Quilt Pattern!

October 18, 2013

Ta Da!  Today I am proud to announce my very first quilt pattern! I’m pretty excited about writing quilt patterns.  I have owned Pink Castle Fabrics now for almost 3 years.  I really enjoy owning a quilt shop and now even more that we are open to the public and I get to help customers in person.  I love when customers come in and ask for advice and we find just the right fabric for their project.  It’s so very satisfying.  My quilts hang out on the shop’s couch and customers come by and get a chance to see them and touch them and ask questions.  They say, “how did you make that?”  “Oh, it’s easy!” I say and then I blab on and on about how to make it.  It occurred to me that it may just be easier to have a pattern to show them.   So here is my very first quilt pattern!  The 12th Street quilt is a great pattern..

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