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Winter Quilting Book Recommendations 2016

March 2, 2016

Hello friends!

Owning a quilting shop has a lot of perks.  I get to choose pretty fabrics to sell and see all the great projects that people are making at Quilt Market and meet fabric designers and other awesome folks who work in the industry.  But I think above all that fun stuff, it’s great to just help quilters when they come into my shop.  I don’t get to work on the floor every day (or else the bills would never get sent out) but when I do I get a chance to connect with our customers.  It’s a lot of fun to help someone choose fabrics for a project or give great recommendations to someone who has an issue with a quilt. 

I get a lot of customers ask me for book recommendations as well.  I can’t carry everything at Pink Castle Fabrics and one of the things we don’t carry a lot of are books.  So, I decided that every few months I will tell you about a few of my new favorite books of the season.  This will help those of you out there who are trying to wade through the crazy amount of sewing books that are being published now.  Here are my top choices for quilting books!

Every Last Piece by Lynn Harris  – Lynn is an amazing quilter.  I’m lucky enough to be in the same quilt guild (Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild)!  I love seeing Lynn’s quilts.  Lynn really does use “every last piece”.  She saves small scraps and then turns them into something wonderful.  The cover quilt on her book is incredible in person.  The stars are tiny and the quilt is huge.  But, this book is great for projects that you can make over time with your small scraps.  You can make a star or two after a project and then save them until you have enough for a quilt.  We all have scraps and I know I hate to see them go to waste!

Lines by Design Quilts by Debbie Grifka – Debbie is also a quilter that I’m lucky enough to share a quilt guild with!  Debbie has the most calming style.  I am really impressed with her book!  She has a really modern style that really matches a lot of people’s style and decor.  I can see these projects in my living room!  And Debbie really knows how to use solids in a quilt to give a nice impact.  It’s daunting for some people to choose just a few colors for a project.

I also want to point out that this book has 17 projects in it!  That’s more than the usual quilt book so you are getting each project pattern for less than $2!

Patchwork Essentials: The Half Square Triangle by Jeni Baker – Who doesn’t love a half square triangle?  It’s such a versatile block!  Jeni has put together 12 awesome quilts using this one technique!  We have sold out of this book in our shop twice now. That is saying a lot.  The quilts in this book look original (you know sometimes things just look like you’ve seen them before) and adorable!  If you are a beginner and you want a starter book, this is a great choice!  Jeni teaches you some great ways to create perfect triangles.  I even picked up a few tips and I have been making HSTs for years!

Quilt Local by Heather Jones – Heather is another one of those quilters who has a calm style.  She uses such fun and bright colors and has a great grasp of how to use solids in a quilt for a big impact.  Quilt local takes a look at local inspiration and how to put that into a project.  Heather talks about colors and how to choose and shows you how the look of a project can change based on the colors you choose.  If you love modern art (like Ani Albers) you will love the projects in this book!

Talk about value!  There are 40 projects in this book!!