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Bust Yo Scraps – Stargyle Quilt Along – Step 3: Creating Your 4 Patches

October 10, 2016

Finally!  Let’s get to the sewing!  This weekend I started to cut up my scraps and get started creating some 4 patch blocks.  A four patch block is an easy and quick block to create.  There are SO many tutorials online on how to create them.  So, I will skip the tutorial but I will talk about some of my favorite ways to create them easily and quickly.  In choosing the fabrics that you will create your four patches remember to look for some contrast between the colors.  This will help the pattern to stand out.  You can create 4 patches that look like a checkerboard (with just two fabrics) OR you can go super scrappy and choose four different fabrics for each block. The finished 4 patch size for this quilt is 4″ Queen Size = 81 four patches Lap Size = 49 four patches The most traditional method of creating a 4 patch block is just sewing four..

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Bust Yo Scraps – Stargyle Quilt Along – Step 1: Gathering Your Scraps

October 5, 2016

It’s time!  It’s time to tackle my scrap box again.  I know some of you out there are like me.  You have boxes of odd sized fabric pieces just waiting for them to be created into a beautiful and fun scrap quilt.  But they sit there waiting.  New and shiny fabrics come in and get used… MORE SCRAPS! I love scrap quilts.  Some of my favorite quits are made of things from my scrap bins.  But it’s not often that I set out to create something thinking that I’m going to specifically use scraps and a lot of patterns call for bigger pieces of fabrics. So, I have created a pattern to quickly (very quickly with the help of a few short cut rulers) create a quilt that can use different sizes of fabric scraps.    It’s time to BUST YO SCRAPS!  I’m going to show you how I organize my stash and scraps, how to choose scraps for your..

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