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WIP – Scrappy Pinwheel Quilt

July 2, 2014

 I actually got a few hours to sew this week!  I’m much more sane when I’m able to get some sewing time in.  I’m also now finished with Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer now.  Do you also watch TV while you are sewing?  I find that shows where you don’t HAVE to hear everything that’s going on are best.  But I like to let my mind follow the story as I’m working.  After I’m finished with a quilt, I sometimes remember the association to the show too. I got a decent amount of progress completed on my Scrappy Pinwheel Quilt last night.  The blocks are going pretty quickly too.  I get about 6-8 finished for each episode.  If you missed it, there is a tutorial in my last post. I decided to add in some light blue as well to cool off the quilt. I really like the way it’s looking.  I started with some of the older..

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Scrappy Pinwheel Block Tutorial

July 1, 2014

Hello quilting friends!  This tutorial is one I should have done about a year ago.  The most popular quilt that is hanging in my shop now is my pinwheel quilt. So many of my customers at Pink Castle Fabrics ask me, “Oh, is there a pattern for that??”  And I say no and then a draw out for them how to make the block on a post it note and send them on their way.  I decided this week to start on a new pinwheel quilt using my scraps and fat quarter stash and I thought I should finally put together a little tutorial on how it’s done. This tutorial will show you how to create an 8″ pinwheel block using a strip piecing method.  It’s pretty fast once you get the hang of it too.  I can make 8 blocks in just one episode of Buffy!  It’s really easy to make when you use a solid Jelly Roll for..

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