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Stack, Cut and Sew Quilt – Easy Baby Quilt

May 8, 2019

I haven’t really talked a whole lot online about this but I bought another quilt shop in November (2018). It has been a whirlwind of paperwork and cleaning and getting used to a whole new routine. My two shops are about 30 minutes apart (Pink Castle Fabrics and The Stitchery) and they have different inventories. I could go on and on about all the little details that you don’t think about before you decide to buy an established business but I won’t bore you with all those details right now. One of the side effects of this new business for me is a lot less free time in my schedule. And unfortunately, sewing gets pushed to the back burner when there’s more work to be done. I know that sewing for even just a little while each day will help reduce my stress levels so I attempted to schedule in some time last week to sew. Well, I tried it..

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