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Sister Sampler Quilts – A new book from Gen X Quilters!

January 19, 2016

I’m pretty excited about a new book by my friend AnneMarie from Gen X Quilters!  Sister Sampler Quilts: 3 Modern Sampler Quilts with Paired Sister Blocks is a really cool concept.  AnneMarie shows you how to make 25 blocks (which have a modern flair to them) and then 3 different layouts for the blocks.  Of course you can use these blocks in any way that you would like (pillows, quilts on their own, your own layout) but I really like that AnneMarie has given us some non-traditional  quilt layouts.  We ran her Moccasin block of the month at our shop, Pink Castle Fabrics, for 2015 and it got a great turnout and good reviews!  It’s inspiring to see quilts that aren’t just blocks all lined up in a row with sashing.

When we received the Sister Sampler quilt book I was so excited that the girls and the shop and I went to work and made up an entire quilt top!

We used Cotton and Steel Basics and some RJR Cotton Supreme Solids for the background!  I think it turned out really great!  I can’t wait to see what it looks like all quilted up!  We will be running this as a block of the month at Pink Castle Fabrics for 2016!  We used the Vice Versa pattern in the book for this quilt. I really love the striped blocks on the edges!  Head over to Pink Castle to join the Block of the Month and you will get the book your first month!

I hope you all love the book as much as I do!  Thanks AnneMarie for sending me a copy!

mumbird3 January 20, 2016

Love your color choices! Lovely top!

Joel M. Ellis July 4, 2018

Quilting books are no doubt a great tool for anyone with an interest in the hobby from beginners to well seasoned pros.
Nadel Paris

Douglas D. H. July 12, 2018

For the one who would like to take up the hobby of quilting, having a good quilting book will make it much more enjoyable. A quilting book will give you the guidelines that you need to understand the techniques and patterns in this beautiful art form.

CL King