Friday, July 18, 2014

Drawstring Laundry Bags! Jeni Baker's Awesome Pattern

Have you made one of Jeni Baker's (In Color Order) Lined Drawstring Bags yet?  I've made a bunch of these drawstring bags now in several sizes.  I just keep thinking of more uses for them.  My favorite is the laundry size bag.  It's perfect for packing into your suitcase on trips and tossing in all your dirty clothes.  It's much nicer than carrying a plastic bag and you can wash it if it gets stinky.

I whipped up  two more for Jason and David since one bag is too small for the whole family when we go away together.  Jason chose an Alison Glass print for his bag and I added the Joel Dewberry wood grain for the lining.  I chose an adorable print from Trans-Pacific Textiles with little bears at the beach for David's bag.  I love the orange Spot On dots and the Tattersall lining too.

Lined Drawstring Bags by Just a Bit Frayed

The smaller bag I made into a kit for Pink Castle Fabrics!  I have thing for Little Red and this Tasha Noel print needed to be something cute!  It's lined with a matching aqua mushroom print!

Lined Drawstring Bag Kit from Pink Castle Fabrics

I highly recommend the Lined Drawstring Bag pattern.  And I think I might make some as gifts for Christmas this year.  I can wrap presents in them and then they can keep the bag to use for laundry!

Jeni Baker's Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Color Inspirations Club - Me on the Quilt Show !


Here's a good laugh for you!  Rob Appell (who makes some seriously amazing quilts, by the way) interviewed me at Quilt Market this past May about my Color Inspirations Club that I put together for RJR Fabrics for their Cotton Supreme Solids.

Color Inspirations Club at Pink Castle Fabrics

The club is a great way for shop owners to start adding solids to their inventory without a giant financial investment.  It's also a great way to start your solids stash!  Each month I chose 10 solids in an inspired bundle.  There are NO REPEATS throughout the year!  At the end of 12 months, you will have 120 new solids in your stash!  And they are all nicely bundled up for you in color coordinated sets and ready to turn into a project or you can mix them up any way you like!

I'm putting together the Color Inspirations Club again for 2015!  Make sure your local quilt shop knows to order it from their RJR representative!  I'm also picking 13 NEW colors that RJR is adding to their already awesome line up!   I'm really excited to show you but I can't until Fall :D  For now you will have to check out this year's bundles!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NEW Quilt Pattern - Off the Air!

 Remember back in the day when television stations weren't 24/7?  We used to have a black and white TV with a dial.  I would act as my parent's "remote" and go turn the dials for them until we found something to watch.  I'm not sure if the fuzzy TV was the inspiration or the final quilt just looks like it to me.  But anyway, that is my two cents about the name Off the Air.

I've made a few versions of this quilt pattern already.  I had the idea first to use some Architextures charm packs.  I really love the way it turned out!  I started it at the very first Camp Stitchalot a few years ago.  Jeni Baker helped me arrange all the blocks at like 2 a.m.  We may have also eaten a whole ton of Chicago Mix popcorn that night.

Off the Air - Pattern by Just a Bit Frayed !  Love this for scraps or charms!

My long arm quilter Kathy Koch created this awesome topographic quilting pattern to match the fabric!  I love it!  

This pattern will also work as a good Leaders and Enders project too.  I have a third quilt using this pattern in my leaders and enders box.  I cut up a lot of  my "low volume"-ish prints for number three.

I created this version with all RJR Cotton Supreme solids.  This is the pattern for my December bundle of Color Inspirations Club.  Kathy Koch also quilted this version.  You can't see it very well in the photo but there are winter related words in the middle section.  And I love the snowflakes on the outside!

Off the Air - Quilt Pattern from Just a Bit Frayed

This pattern is now available in my shop for purchase!  I have PDF downloads and also printed versions available and wholesale for shop owners (email me -

Off the Air - Quilt Pattern by Just a Bit Frayed
Don't forget to tag your quilt photos with #offtheairquilt on Instagram or Twitter!  You can also add photos to my Flickr group!

Can't wait to see you make it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WIP - Puss in the Corner Quilt

I stayed home from work this morning to catch up on some computer time with no interruptions.  Of course, then I got distracted by sewing... Emails just aren't as much fun.

I decided to finish up some Puss in the Corner blocks I had been working on.  I was able to get a copy of Fabulously Fast Quilts, Amy Smart's new book at Quilt Market.  I really liked the blocks (and the super fast way Amy shows you how to put them together) from her Quick Puss in the Corner quilt.

These were really fast to put together.  I thought about making more blocks for a bigger quilt but that really crisp green is hard to find.  Besides, I don't make enough baby quilts.  I have some friends who stock pile baby quilts for gifts and I always think, "I should do that!" Of course, then I end up forgetting and making a lap quilt.

Puss in the Corner blocks!  So easy and look cool too!

I started my blocks with 9" squares instead of 10" since I was using fat eighths.  I think these would be really cool with some Old New 30s prints or some of the new Flower Sugar line.  I will have to contemplate a lap quilt now :)

I've been working on more Scrappy Pinwheel Blocks as leaders and enders.  I'm still shooting for 144 for a queen size quilt!  Hopefully, I will get some more sewing time this week!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Boats! Boats! Boats! - My Modern Quilt Guild Pattern for July

Hi everyone!

I'm really excited that I'm finally able to show you my new quilt pattern!  If you are a member of the Modern Quilt Guild you are going to see an email today with this quilt in it:

I call it, Boats! Boats! Boats!  Yes, it is a reference to How I Met Your Mother...  I had a hard time coming up with a name for this one but it does sort of look like a whole lot of boats.  Of course, after I had it all named, Kathy suggested Regatta.  That might have been better... 

Good name or bad name aside, I really like this quilt! I used a lot of my scraps and most of the prints were from my Stash Stack Club from Pink Castle Fabrics!  There are a lot of old favorites in there.  And some new ones too!  This block has a little bit of glitter too, some Cotton + Steel XOXO with metallic ink...oooohhh.

And this one has an old Cosmo Cricket print from Tailor Made.  See the little girl in there?

The quilting was expertly done by Kathy Koch from Thread Bear Quilting.  She added some really cool water lines to go with my boat theme :)

I used one of my favorite Momo dots in pink for the backing.

I hope that if you are a part of the Modern Quilt Guild you enjoy this pattern!  And for those of you who don't know, every month members of the MQG get an exclusive modern pattern!  I'm happy to be included with all the other great designers!  

Also!  Speaking of Stash Stack Club, we are giving away a FULL year of fat quarters!  All of this:

 Pink Castle Fabrics Stash Stack Club

144 Fat Quarters!  An ENTIRE stash!  I'm really happy that we have now completed 2 full years of Stash Stack Club and we are still going strong!  Check out the shop's blog for more information on how to win (hint, make a purchase at Pink Castle for over $50...)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WIP - Scrappy Pinwheel Quilt

 I actually got a few hours to sew this week!  I'm much more sane when I'm able to get some sewing time in.  I'm also now finished with Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer now.  Do you also watch TV while you are sewing?  I find that shows where you don't HAVE to hear everything that's going on are best.  But I like to let my mind follow the story as I'm working.  After I'm finished with a quilt, I sometimes remember the association to the show too.

I got a decent amount of progress completed on my Scrappy Pinwheel Quilt last night.  The blocks are going pretty quickly too.  I get about 6-8 finished for each episode.  If you missed it, there is a tutorial in my last post.

I decided to add in some light blue as well to cool off the quilt. I really like the way it's looking.  I started with some of the older Denyse Schmidt fabrics I have in my stash.  Fabrics from Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope (both now out of print and hard to find!  Sorry!).  I do think that her new line (coming in August) Hadley will coordinate well with with these too.

Originally, I had planned to make this into a lap size but I'm really considering making it into a queen now.  It's going so quickly.  I bet it would go even more quickly if I cut up all my strips at once but I'm just doing 6 blocks at a time.  Sometimes I like to just add in fabrics as I go.  It takes longer but it helps with the "scrappy" look.

Also, since I'm using mostly the long edge of fat quarters (18" x 22") and half of a white jello roll strip to make my blocks, I have these little 2.5" strips left over at the ends.  I've been using them as leaders and enders and I think I'm going to make them into quilted Pillow shams to match.  Fancy!

Love these Colors!  I should do this with my scraps!

I'm also linking up with WIP Wednesday over on Lee's blog.  I love seeing what everyone is making each week!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Scrappy Pinwheel Block Tutorial

Hello quilting friends!  This tutorial is one I should have done about a year ago.  The most popular quilt that is hanging in my shop now is my pinwheel quilt.

Pinwheel on Point by Just a Bit Frayed

So many of my customers at Pink Castle Fabrics ask me, "Oh, is there a pattern for that??"  And I say no and then a draw out for them how to make the block on a post it note and send them on their way.  I decided this week to start on a new pinwheel quilt using my scraps and fat quarter stash and I thought I should finally put together a little tutorial on how it's done.

This tutorial will show you how to create an 8" pinwheel block using a strip piecing method.  It's pretty fast once you get the hang of it too.  I can make 8 blocks in just one episode of Buffy!  It's really easy to make when you use a solid Jelly Roll for the background.  I used a Bella White jelly roll last time and just bought a little bit of yardage for the layout.  All the major solid brands have them now, Kona, Bella, RJR...AND they make them in more than just white.  So you can have a gray or navy or aqua background or whatever!

This is also not the only layout you can use.  I show you at the bottom of the post a more traditional (and easier) layout just by sewing all your blocks together in rows.  Anyway, on with the show!

Step 1: Choosing your Fabrics
I am choosing to use fat quarters (18" x 22") and some longer scraps I have.  You can use fat eighths (9" x 22") or a jelly roll (2.5" x 44") as well.  So this is a great pattern to use up some of those precuts you have laying around in your sewing room.  The only thing you want to watch for is making sure the fabrics you choose have a good contrast to your background (or not if you like that sort of thing...).  I'm mostly cutting a 2.5" strip from the long side (the 22" side) of fat quarters I have in my stash already.  I buy tons of those FQs and they need a home in a good quilt!

The amount you will need depends on the size of your quilt.  If you want to make the quilt layout below (lap size 64" x 72") you will need 72 blocks.  You can make 2 blocks from one jelly roll strip (2.5" x 44").  So, one jelly roll is enough.  You will need one white (or whatever color) jelly roll for background if you are using that or about 2.75 yards of background yardage.

Step 2: Cutting your Fabrics
The amount of work on this step really depends on what cuts of fabric you have.  (Also, an Accuquilt and a 2.5" strip die is helpful!)  You will need for the lap quilt below:
cut 72 - 2.5" x 19" strips background (or cut a jelly roll strip in half)
cut 72 - 2.5" x 19" strips prints

** IF you do not care if this is that scrappy or you are using jelly rolls, you can use (or cut from half yards) 2.5" x 44" (width of your fabric) strips and sew them together selvedge to selvedge.  Then cut 8 blocks instead of 4 on the next step and you will have enough for two blocks!  Time saver! **

Step 3: Creating your Block
Again, this will create an 8" finished block (it will measure 8.5" x 8.5" until sewn together).

First take one background strip and one print strip and sew them together longways as shown:

Subcut this block into 4.5" squares (the dotted lines) as shown above.  We made these 19" so you should have a little leftover at the end.  

Next you want to sew two of your new squares together like shown below.  You will do this twice!  You will have two of these!  I chose to have each pinwheel block in my quilt be made from the same fabric.  You can decide to mix all these up if you'd like for a SUPER scrappy look!

Finally, you will flip one of the two "7" shaped blocks you made above and sew both together as shown below:

Ta Da!  Your block is done!  Just repeat that 72 times ! No big deal!  Then you lay out your blocks on your design wall/floor/bed and sew them together in rows.  I used a 8 x 9 layout for the lap quilt below:

Voila! A super awesome and super easy quilt top!  You can make more or less blocks for any size quilt you want.  AND you can use those precuts you have been hoarding!  Neptune Jelly Rolls???  

You can add your photos to our Flickr pool!  Make sure to share on Instagram or Twitter with #scrappypinwheelquilt